What We do

Welcome to Software Testing Career, your trusted partner on the journey to becoming a proficient and skilled Software Quality Assurance (QA) professional. Our platform is designed with a singular focus: to provide you with the guidance, resources, and mentorship needed to excel in the dynamic field of QA.

Join Software Testing Career today and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a skilled Functional QA professional. Together, we’ll shape the future of software quality, one well-tested application at a time.

I've worked in the Technology space for more than 16 years in various roles. I moved from being an IT Consultant to a Project Manager to a Product Owner and for the past 5 years as a Salesforce QA Engineer. I have also mentored several students and aspirants interested in getting into IT/Tech. Having done all that, I understand what it takes to get into the IT industry and I'm now looking forward to reaching more individuals break into the Software QA industry through this platform.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Unique 3 Step Process:

1. LEARN -> Learn the Software Testing skills you need to be ready for the IT market. We believe in learning by doing. Our courses include practical exercises, real-world projects discussions to reinforce theoretical knowledge and build practical skills.


2. LEVERAGE ->  Leverage our Weekly Calls to get all the support you need to help you get the Software Tester role. During the Support calls, we will discuss and prep your resume and most importantly, prep ‘YOU’ to face the interviews.


3. LEVEL-UP -> Level Up your life by getting a job in the role that you always dreamed of, making professional friendships along the way.